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Ultrasound Competition

WCUME 2023 Student Ultrasound Competition


The Student Ultrasound Competition took place on Saturday, Sept. 9, from 1 to 4:30 p.m.

Teams are encouraged to register soon, as the competition is only open to a maximum of 10 teams comprised of three students each. Each team may have a faculty advisor, but students will participate in the competition without any faculty input.

The competition is designed to be a fun and educational opportunity for teams of medical students to demonstrate their ultrasound skills in image recognition and interpretation of normal and abnormal ultrasound findings, as well as demonstrating their image acquisition skills in various point of care ultrasound applications.

The competition will include “Ultrasound Escape Room” and “Lightning Rounds” to eventually crown the winner of the 2023 Student Ultrasound Competition champion.

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Student Ultrasound Competition:   
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