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About the 2023 Conference

Target Audience

The Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSUSOM) will be hosting the 2023 World Congress Ultrasound in Medical Education in Detroit, MI in September 2023.

This will be an exciting and very informative conference with an opportunity to showcase the hard work that has gone into developing a comprehensive undergraduate ultrasound curriculum at the WSUSOM.

The WSUSOM first introduced ultrasound into the undergraduate curriculum in 2006, the first in the nation, under the visionary leadership of Scott A. Dulchavsky, MD, PhD, Chairman of the Department of Surgery at HFH, using the curriculum he developed for training NASA astronauts in microgravity.

The curriculum has since been fully integrated effectively across all 4-years of undergraduate training. What is quite unique about the WSUSOM is that it is also the largest single campus allopathic medical school in the nation, with close to 300 students/class. Over 12,000 students have been exposed to the curriculum during their pre-clinical and clinical years.

We will have an opportunity to share our experience in how we have been very successful at integrating ultrasound education into the existing medical school curricula at WSU. We’ve been able to modify the ultrasound curriculum to align with, first the traditional approach, and recently the organ systems-based approach.

Ultrasound education has been successfully integrated into Gross Anatomy, Cardiac Physiology, Physical Diagnosis/Clinical Skills course, including Cardiac, Abdominal and Musculoskeletal pathology.

We employ various teaching methods to effectively deliver ultrasound educational content including lectures, flipped classroom model, web-based learning, simulation, hands-on psychomotor skill development with the use of standardized patients, case-based teaching, and the use of various assessment methods.

We look forward to seeing you in Detroit in September 2023 for an amazing educational experience, to have an opportunity to share ideas with colleagues from around the world, as we all work to formerly integrate ultrasound education into the undergraduate medical school curricula.

Planning Committee
Richard Baker, M.D.

Senior Vice Dean
Vice Dean for Medical Education
Professor of Ophthalmology 
Wayne State Univers
School of Medicine

David Amponsah, M.D.

Ultrasound Division Head
Department of Emergency Medicine
Henry Ford Hospital
Asst. Clinical Professor
Wayne State University
School of Medicine

Abigail Brackney, M.D., FACEP
Associate Ultrasound Division Head
Department of Emergency Medicine
Henry Ford Hospital

Richard Hoppmann, M.D.

Professor of Medicine, Past Dean, Founder of the Ultrasound Institute University of South
Carolina School of Medicine
Founder and Past President – SUSME
Past President – WINFOCUS
President-elect – AIUM

Ruth A. Riley, M.S., AHIP

Assistant Dean for Executive Affairs Director of Library Services
School of Medicine
University of South Carolina

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